jeudi 12 novembre 2009

12 Novembre 2009 - Montpellier

En fait, je ne fais pas grandes choses, depuis mon dernier message. Mais, quand meme, je vais adjouter un autre.

On Monday, I went to see the film, "Le Petit Nicolas" with my host mom. It was a really cute film. Having read a bajillion (actual figure) Petit Nicolas stories, I didn't find it too difficult to follow except when some of the kids spoke over each other, quickly. I have determined that my favorite "copain" is Clotaire--celui qui est dernier de la classe et qui veut devenir champion du Tour de France quand il est grand--followed closely by Alceste, who eats constantly and takes his food very seriously. Also, there was an Asterix reference which I loved!

I had no class on Wednesday because it was veterans' day here in France as well. That was great. Also, my class Friday is canceled because the teacher has to be somewhere else. He rescheduled it for Saturday morning, but said he understood if people couldn't make it; we had only to email him. As I am going to Copenhagen on Saturday, I did just that. The response he sent back was awesome and a great example of why I like this teacher a lot. He wrote:

"Chère Mademoiselle,
Je vous envie et vous souhaite une belle visite. Pensez à me ramener une sirène, c'est très bon avec des pommes de terre à la vapeur.
Bien cordialement,
PS Pensez à récupérer le cours (polycopiés et photocopies)"

That's right, he asked me to bring him back a mermaid because mermaid is great with steamed potatoes, and only in the post-script did he mention what I should do for the class! This is my history professor who pretty much just makes fun of us all the time--but, in a very egalitarian manner--and jokes about drinking too much when he's late to class (at 9:15am) or there are typos in the hand-outs. He's great.

Delicious foods I've eaten chez Audigier recently include: chili con carne (so not french) with red beans that were not from a can and consequently really good, and fruit salad that was made particularly delicious by the addition of apricot jam as une espece de salad dressing.

So, now, I have to get ready for Denmark this weekend, start working on my expose and travil d'ecriture pour histoire du theatre, and study for phonetics. But before I conclude...

...DFCF tip #3: If it is raining or has just rained in Montpellier, IL FAUT wear shoes with traction or else you will probably eat it, repeatedly.

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