vendredi 13 novembre 2009

13 Novembre 2009 - Montpellier

J'ai passe une tres belle journee, aujourd'hui!

After a previous failed attempt, Sami, Megan, and I successfully figured out the bus and went to Aigues-Mortes for the day. It's a beautiful, medieval, walled city not about an hour from Montpellier. We basically spent the entire day walking the ramparts and climbing the tower and taking millions and millions of photos. At one point, my camera got angry and stopped working for about a half hour, and I was scared it would be broken for Denmark tomorrow. Happily, I got it working again during the part of the day where the sun was out from behind the clouds. Chouette!

There were very few people there, as it is a weekday in November, so we did not hesitate to go all over, to dawdle, and to set-up ridiculous pictures. I even climbed into a sort of medieval oven/furnace thing. I probably wasn't supposed to do that, but nowhere did it say I couldn't. The pictures will be up soon, quand meme, for all to see.

Other interesting events of the day include: seeing the second probably-homeless, potentially-drunk man I've seen asleep/passed out on the floor of the tram; and listening to a woman tell and elderly man (one half of an elderly couple, exiting the tram), "go f*** yourself, jacka**!" after some sort of altercation in the entering and exiting the tram process of which I missed the beginning. So, at least my french is coming along well enough that I understood that.

I will conclude this post with a fourth DFCF tip: Sandwiches and other food items may include ingredients not explicitly said to be in them. Therefore, take preventative measures and order things without tomates, cornichons, ou sauce, d'apres your liking.

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