dimanche 6 décembre 2009

6 decembre 2009 - Montpellier

A few awesome things from this week:

1) My history professor sang and danced a Bollywood impersonation in class. The lyrics to his song were these: "Je t'aime. Tu m'aime. On s'aime. Ta mere ne m'aime pas. Je n'aime pas ta mere." He then concluded by saying that the French find Bollywood to be total crap and that ten minutes into any Bollywood film, the French are driven to drink.

2) Moules Frites. Friday, I went to a restaurant of which a member of my friend's visiting family is the proprietor. There, every Friday, is a muscles and fries special. We dominated les moules frites.

3) This morning I had breakfast with my host mom--a first--and this resulted in plusieurs great things. First, I tried to explain pancakes, and I'm not convinced I was tout a fait successful. Also, I learned that her computer is in English because it's expensive to change the language and that "cancel" is always hard for her to remember, because it sounds to her like "conserver" which is basically the opposite of what cancel means. Also, she doesn't get why both "Don't save" and "cancel" would be options and I couldn't remember either until I looked it up just now. Finally, I attempted to explain what I understand to be the difficulties of learning Thai and Japanese and was surprisingly successful.

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